Is Nail Fungus Contagious?

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You may be wondering to yourself:

Is Nail Fungus Contagious?

Any disease can be a plight for the human body. However, as we all know, some diseases can be caught from other people and are not only hazardous for you but can also potentially affect other parts of your body as well as other people.

Toenail fungus is a troublesome disease to manage by itself, however, once one of your nails is infected, it is important to know whether or not you could transfer the disease to other nails or to other people. The simple answer is ‘yes, you can!’

cure toenail fungus process

Let’s break down the process to help you understand the medical reason behind its contagious power. You see, fungus basically grows on dead tissue. It loves the moist and warm areas which serve as ideal conditions for its growth.

Once you have active symptoms of a fungal nail infection such as discolored, brittle nails, you need to maintain proper hygiene to prevent spread. This is because the fungus is now present on your nails and as soon as it comes in contact with another part of the skin the microbes will transfer.

Will you get an Infection if you touch the infected area?

The chances of getting an active infection after transfer varies. You see, many people have good immune systems and generally acceptable hygiene habits. The fungal organisms even after transfer are attacked by the body’s immune system preventing infection.

However, people who have optimum growth conditions the fungus can reproduce and infect the body. The conditions which favor growth include people wearing socks for excessively long hours, swimming at local pools and sharing towels.

Another major source of infection is the nail salon, where unsterilized instruments are the prime cause of the trouble.

Which people are susceptible to Infection?

Onychomycosis or nail fungus can affect people of all age groups but are common in the adults and the elderly.

People with occupational predispositions include athletes, swimmers and people who are required to wear socks for extended periods of time, such as laborers.

Cure Toenail Fungus

The disease is also a frequent threat to people with diabetes due to their deficient immune system and delayed healing. On the other hand, people with psoriasis are predisposed due to defects in the skin and exposure of underlying tissues to the fungus.

So, how do you prevent the infection?

Well, the first way to do so is by avoiding the sharing of any towels, nail clippers brushes or socks.

These instruments and pieces of clothing are in frequent contact with the affected areas and could be the source of infection. Another thing that helps is to change socks frequently and air your feet.

As you oxygenate the socks, the fabric dries up and the warmth is removed so that the conditions for fungal growth are deranged.

Looking for a Nail Fungus Cure that Works?

You can also opt for a topical anti-fungal to keep any fungus at bay.

Zeta Clear Anti Fungal Solution

A great product that will most likely solve your fungus infection is Zeta Clear. This FDA approved anti fungal acts on the skin to get rid of the local fungal infection while preventing damage to local tissue.

It also prevents the fungus from re attacking the tissue, hence providing long-term benefits.

Good luck and hopefully you solve your nail fungal issue too.

– Sally Jones.

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2 thoughts on “Is Nail Fungus Contagious?

  1. Daniella

    Hi Jones,

    Very useful article!

    My husband suffers from nail fungus on his fingers and feet. Wow, I didn’t know that it is contagious and from now on I will be careful. It’s been a long time that my husband is trying to get rid of the nail fungus and nothing worked. I think he has tried almost everything. Just a question, please. Do you think the Zeta Clear can cure the nail fungus completely or it only reduce or prevent the infection?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Sally Jones Post author

      Hi Daniella,

      Sorry to hear that your husband has been with a fungal infection for a long time.

      There are lots of home remedies, which I’m sure he must have tried a few, seeing as you say he’s tried lots of things and it did not work.

      As for Zeta Clear, it is FDA Approved to cure nail fungus AND comes with a money back guarantee if it does not work.

      In my opinion, he has nothing to loose and everything to gain by trying it.

      Unfortunately there is no guarantee that any product would work (as he well knows), but using a product specifically designed to cure his nail fungus would most likely give him a better chance.

      If you do try it, please let me know how it goes.




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