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Tea Tree Oil – Nail Fungus Gone in 3 Steps

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Tea tree oil – nail fungus eliminator. 

I know it’s a bold statement, but this is no ordinary essential oil.

Before I tell you how great it is, let’s first have a look at the issue – nail fungus.

It is really important to start treating nail fungus as soon as possible, as it is very difficult (and takes a long time) to treat.

Onychomycosis is another name for nail fungus. It is a very common problem that is caused when moisture is caught up in conditions where is best suited for it (dark, warm, moisture conditions).

What does Nail Fungus look like?

Vicks Vapor Rub for Toenail Fungus

Nail fungus usually starts with either a yellow or white colored spot just underneath the toenails or fingernails. This infection could lead to a painful problem in form of the thickening and decolorization of the nails. Some severe cases of this infection may hinder a patient from using his or her hands or feet.

It is important to treat nail fungus as soon as possible because negligence could lead to a total loss of the nail or splitting or cracking of the nail. Thankfully, it is curable and can be treated in many ways.

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Introducing Tea Tree Oil

Nail Fungus - Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is highly valuable as a home remedy for a lot of ailments. A fungal infection is one such ailment that it is used for.

It is an essential oil that is extracted via steam distillation from the leaves and twigs of a tree known as Melaleuca Alternifolia, a tea tree. It has many beneficial properties including antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic.

Because of that, it is highly rated as a natural home remedy for nail fungus.

What is special about tea tree oil?

The tree Melaleuca Alternifolia has always been in use way back in time in Australia for treating and aiding the healing process of injuries. The rich medicinal properties make it able to help fight infections. The application of tea tree oil regularly, has been shown to cure fungal infections on nails due to its antibiotic and antiseptic qualities.

With tea tree oils, the health and appearance of nails can be quickly improved and its applications are both convenient and practical. Most importantly, they’re common, inexpensive and fast compared to some other essential oils you’ll come across.

In short, it is something you can’t afford to overlook when looking at nail fungus cures.

What happens when you use tea tree oil to treat nail fungus?

Some people might complain that the nail fungus still disturbs their nails even after dedicated application of tea tree oil. A lot of the time, this is caused by crossed contamination and that is why healthy personal hygiene shouldn’t be overlooked.

The nail fungus will always replicate as far as it finds a favorable condition in tiny spores. Therefore, for an effective treatment of nail fungus with tea tree oil, ensure that your nails are always clean and you avoid all possibilities of contracting the fungal infection again.

Possible Side Effects when using Tea Tree Oil for Nail Fungus

Although tea tree oil has so many medicinal properties, it is important to know that there are possible side effects that come with excessive usage of the oil.

Skin irritation is most likely the major side effect of excessive usage of tea tree oil and it might lead to inflammation, itchiness and redness.

Always test the oil before using it, as some people are allergic to some of its ingredients.

How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil for Nail Fungus

Also remember to dilute it, as described in the application methods below.

Tea tree oil is for topical use only, and should not be swallowed.

There are many ways that you can use tea tree oil for toenail fungus. Below I’ve summarised 3 of these methods.

1. Soak Bath Method

  • Put warm water into a Bowl (big enough to fit your nails).
  • Add six (6) drops of tea tree oil to the water.
  • Mix it well and soak your nails for about 30 minutes.
  • Repeat daily.

2. Blend Method (using Apple Cider Vinegar)

  • Use a bowl of water and add some Apple Cider Vinegar (about a cup full).
  • Put your nails into the mixture for about 20 – 30 minutes.
  • After drying your nails, dilute some tea tree oil and apply to the area that is affected and let it dry.
  • Repeat this process twice daily.

3.  Scrubbing Method

Using the scrubbing method not only helps to most likely remove nail fungus, but also exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dead skin cells.

You can scrub your nails by just using tea tree oil. Alternatively, you can use a mixture of other essential oils.

The method stays the same.

  • Add 3 drops of tea tree oil to 1 table spoon of water.
  • Apply this mixture to your nails, using a cotton wool ball and allow to dry.
  • Scrub the area that is affected by using a toothbrush.
  • Clean up with cold water.
  • Repeat daily.

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2 thoughts on “Tea Tree Oil – Nail Fungus Gone in 3 Steps

  1. Theresa

    I have been seeing tea tree oil all over the place for so many different conditions. For instance, one of my friends bought it to help treat her daughter’s hair when she picked up lice from school. It’s also used a lot if you have a diffuser.

    I was reading this page because my husband has horrible feet and I think maybe part of his problem is some type of fungus. His doctor hasn’t been of much help, so I think I’ll explore your site more to find other options. I’m not sure I believe that tea tree oil is as amazing as they say, but I will see what else you have found that might work.

    1. Sally Jones Post author

      Hi Theresa,

      Yes, tea tree oil does seem to help with a lot of ailments.

      You’ll find a few remedies that may work for your husband on my site.

      Here you can find a review I did on a product that is FDA Approved to cure nail fungus and has a solid money back guarantee to work.

      Please let me know what worked for him, once you’ve gotten rid of it.




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